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Adventure Baby’s Gear Review Promise

We review all the gear on this site to the highest standard.

Every. Single. Time.

That means we do tons of research so you don’t have to. Because we want you to get exactly what you need. And without the risk of buying something you hardly know anything about. So we take these reviews very seriously. After all, our reputation is on the line as much as your dollars. And just so we’re fully transparent…

Here’s our review process:

Step 1: Select the product.

Step 2: Determine the review categories (e.g., function, style, comfort, value, etc).
Each category is defined in the review article so you know exactly what we’re assessing.

Step 3: Pull in all the popular players (because social proof doesn’t lie). We put the best brands head to head.

Step 4: Rank each product using Amazon reviews, subreddits, Facebook groups, articles, and parent communities. Unfortunately, we’ve found there’s no way to be completely quantitative here. But we do our very best to be clear on how we make decisions.

Step 5: Tally up the results. We just count up the rankings and determine where each placed.