3 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms

3 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms + Weekly Update

3 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms + Weekly Update

I’m pregnant! As I write this, I’m almost six weeks pregnant with our second child. 

Our first, Poppy, is 2.5 years old and this pregnancy is not a surprise — though, just like with Poppy, it’s a surprise how early it happened!

I found out I was pregnant in the middle of this week. I was at my co-working space preparing for Black Friday and all at once, I felt nauseous, cramping and breast pain… and I just knew I had to take a test. 

I had a batch of Wondfos, so I took a test and saw the slightest shadow of a line. I didn’t know what that meant, and only sometimes saw it, so the next day, I bought a First Response Early Response as they’re well-known as the most accurate, earliest possible test result. 

I took the FRER and another Wondfo test at the same time, and lo and behold, the Wondfo was positive! Strangely, the FRER was stark white and clearly displaying a false negative. Still concerned, I headed to the walk-in clinic and the doctor confirmed the pregnancy.

Here is my recap of being 3 weeks pregnant (according to my last menstrual period (LMP)).

3 Weeks Pregnant Recap & Symptoms

3 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms

These weekly updates go over each symptom in order of severity or impact. The top symptom listed is the most pronounced, disturbing or annoying, or just unusual symptom. The bottom is one that, if I had experienced in a silo, I likely wouldn’t have known was a symptom of pregnancy.

You can find other weeks here.

#1: Spotting

This was my first indication that something was amiss. I began to spot on the 19th day of my cycle, which had never happened before. 

I experienced 3-4 days of spotting before it died down, and I was certain that this meant my period was just on its way and that Iw as having a wonky cycle. Now I know that isn’t the case.

#2: Early Pregnancy Hormonal Headaches

This was one of my earliest symptoms of pregnancy this time around, and I was experiencing them as early as a couple of days past ovulation. 

Since I don’t know when I ovulated (despite wasting plenty of ovulation predictor kits), I can’t say exactly when that was, but I did find a note from my first pregnancy that I experienced at least one of these types of headaches very early on then, as well. 

These haven’t let up yet.

#3: Emotional Mood Swings

This was a symptom in my first pregnancy as well, and one of the most pronounced early symptoms of pregnancy for me. 

When I was pregnant with Poppy, I had an inkling that something was off when I cried at a Taylor Swift song. It wasn’t even a sad song, either. 

This time, I found myself choking up at little things. I got misty-eyed reading one of Poppy’s books. I cried at a dog video. What can I say? I guess I have emotional pregnancies. 

#4: Early Pregnancy Breast Pain

I didn’t have sore, achy breasts at this point yet, but I did experience a few sharp pains in my breasts during week three. 

I don’t usually get breast pain before my period so this was unique and one of the reasons I decided to take a pregnancy test when I did. 

#5: Cramping & Twinges

I had some light cramping in week 3. Actually, I’d consider them more like “twinges,” but believe it or not, this isn’t indicative of pregnancy for me, because I have experienced these before. 

I wrote them off as ovulation cramps at the time because I didn’t even find out I was pregnant until the middle of this week. 

This hasn’t let up yet.

These are the five symptoms I experienced in very early pregnancy, and the ones that lead me to take a pregnancy test to confirm my pregnancy in the middle of this week.

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