6 weeks pregnant symptoms

6 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms + Weekly Update

6 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms + Weekly Update

At 6 weeks pregnant, if I didn’t already know I had a baby on board, I would definitely have known something was up. 

This is the week where more “normal” pregnancy symptoms, like nausea, began to ramp up. 

Here is my recap of week 6 of my pregnancy. 

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6 Weeks Pregnant Recap & Symptoms

6 weeks pregnant symptoms

These weekly updates go over each symptom in order of severity or impact. 

#1: Nausea

During week 6, I experienced my worst nausea yet. I threw up for the first time in the middle of week 6. Nausea has ramped up since week 3 or 4 when I’d only feel sick if I’d taken a prenatal on an empty stomach, or was hungry. Not anymore! Now nausea comes in waves but doesn’t stick around for long, and I’ve only thrown up the one time. 

#2: Hormonal Headaches

Persisting for the fourth week, I’m still experiencing the hormonal headaches that were my earliest indication of pregnancy. These don’t seem to want to go anywhere, and there’s no pattern to when they’ll settle in. 

#3. Frequent Need to Pee

I noticed I had to pee more about a week after I found out I was pregnant. But it was livable back then; now it’s become a huge annoyance. Even if I don’t drink any water or coffee for hours before bed, I’m still up several times throughout the night. This has made it difficult to travel over the holidays since we live an 8-hour drive away from family!

#5. Irritability  

I joked with Ryan during my sixth week that it’s sure a good thing I work remotely and don’t have to face people all day. 

Women are amazing for their willpower during pregnancy to not scream at their team members or quit their jobs out of frustration. It’s nothing to do with my colleagues or team members; they’re amazing! I’m just incredibly irritable and impatient at this stage of my pregnancy and wish I could just hibernate during this time so as to not react poorly.

#6. Bloat

Still bloated. I don’t anticipate this is going away anytime soon. This week the bloating has reached my face, making it feel and look rounder than it did pre-pregnancy. 

Despite these early pregnancy symptoms, week 6 so far has been relatively low-key. I’m sure the weeks ahead have much more excitement in store for me, so I’m happy to just be keeping busy with work and chasing around a toddler! 

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