Hi! We're Ryan and Sarah.

Let us guess who you are.

You're probably parents who are sick of having to choose between your family or your financial freedom.

Or maybe you're a parent-to-be who — despite wanting to start a family — is scared shitless that you'll have to give up your freedom (time freedom, travel freedom, financial freedom) once that little one arrives.

And even if your pregnancy was very planned, wished for, and desired, you still felt a sense of loss when you got that positive pregnancy test after peeing on a stick.

And when you announced to your friends and family members that you're expanding your family by one (or two, or three!), you heard at least a few remarks like this one:

“You better get [xyz desired activity – sleep, travel, partying, adventures, time with friends, time as a couple, sports] in now, because you can't do that when baby comes!”

And, if you're anything like us, no matter how sure you are that you aren't going to give up everything you love just because you have a kid, every time you see another couple who seems to have given up on all their own dreams when their babies were born, you doubt it a bit more.

Doesn't sound like you? That's okay. You can stop reading if you want.

This blog isn't for everybody.

Let's face it.

Some people are happy living average lives. Lives like everybody else – their 45-minute one-way commutes, their 9-5 cubicle jobs, their gender-stereotyped children whose only exposure to other cultures is the Tex-Mex restaurant their parents take them to on their birthdays. Who's experience with seeing the world is the annual camping trip they go on an hour away from home or their all-inclusive Disneyland vacation to California when they were too young to remember it.

If this makes you happy, awesome. We're happy for you! Not everyone can turn their backs on the status quo.

But that lifestyle didn't sound interesting to us. And we knew we weren't the only ones who wanted to live a little differently – even with a family.

So we wanted to build a community of lifestyle rebels who don't want to wake up in a decade with a 10-year-old, a mediocre relationship and a belly full of regret.

Sound like you?

Adventure Baby is For You If…

  • You don't want to choose between your family life and your personal and professional goals and aspirations
  • You want to be able to travel, have adventures and enjoy life *gasp* even after you have kids
  • You dread settling into a boring life and waking up in 10 years with the sour realization that you're living a mediocre life
  • Hard work doesn't scare you off, and neither does a little discomfort
  • You want to raise smart, worldly, culturally aware, egalitarian children who go after what they want and know they're worth it.

But let's be clear about something before you read on…

Adventure Baby is not a parenting blog. We're not parenting experts, and we have no illusions that we are. Just because you've been pregnant, had a baby (or even four babies, for that matter) doesn't mean you're a parenting expert. Let's just call a spade a spade.

Adventure Baby is also not a feminism blog. You'll see egalitarian topics and feminist rally cries here, but that doesn't mean it's just a feminism blog. This is just another way we don't live like everyone else.

Adventure Baby is a lifestyle design blog.

Because no matter how messy this pregnancy thing is, and no matter how many mistakes we make trying to raise good human beings, we'll always be good at one thing:

Not settling for the status quo.

We'll show you how to…

  • Live with less. Less material junk that holds you back. Less expectation. Less regret.
  • Design your life around what you actually want and not be victims of your circumstances.
  • Build flexible, location-independent careers that work around your life so you don't have to build your life around work, and…
  • Build a strong, equal, and respectful partnership (if you're in a partnership) for your kids and for yourself.

But who are we to teach you all this?

We're Ryan and Sarah.

We're a Canadian couple with a baby who refuse to follow the status quo.

We travel as much as we want, adventure when we like and don't have to sacrifice rewarding careers to do so.

We don't commute, we don't give up time with our baby to keep up with our careers, and we certainly don't settle for anything less than an amazing relationship with one another.

Ryan is a marine biologist, the primary caretaker for our first born while he takes the generous 8-month parental leave given to families by the Canadian government. He's a Marine Biologist, a diver, and a parent (that's right, not a “babysitter”).

Sarah is not a regular mom, she's a cool mom ? She's the lifestyle design pro and digital nomad who started her blog Unsettle.org three years ago. Passionate about travel, health and wellness, she's a co-founder of FLIGHTFŪD Travel Wellness, head editorial on FLIGHTFŪD's travel blog, a marketing/growth executive working with some of the highest growth startups in the world.

Poppy is the brains behind this whole operation – the reason Adventure Baby exists.

Coconut is the littlest adventure baby. As of this update, he's -8 weeks old and still kickin' it in Sarah's tummy.

We're grateful every day for the amazing lifestyle that ruthless prioritization, thoughtful decision making and mindful intentionality has given us, and we know you can build a similar lifestyle for yourself, too.

We've raised our middle fingers to the commutes, the daycare drop-offs, the societal expectations and the gender norms and established our own set of rules.

Sound good?

Join below.