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Ergo 360 Review: The Best Baby Carrier in 2021

Ergo 360 Review: The Best Baby Carrier in 2021

Oh, baby carriers.

An unfortunate fashion statement but one that you’ll be sporting a LOT with a newborn, baby, and toddler.

Before Poppy was able to fit into her baby hiking carrier (the Deuter Kid Comfort III), we hiked with her in the Ergo 360. That thing has seen the Grand Tetons, Glacier National Park, Austin, many airplanes, cities, and local hikes.

It’s been drooled on, spat up on, sweated on (I’m looking at Ryan for that one) and tossed in the dirt.

I’ve even tried to breastfeed her in it (and failed rather miserably).

We, true to our eager-beaver nature, researched the crap out of the best baby carriers and ended up with the ErgoBaby 360 (and the Boba wrap, but that’s a different review).

Here’s the good, the bad, and the inconvenient about the Ergo in one detailed, useful Ergo 360 carrier review.

Ergobaby 360 review

Here's what we liked about the Ergo 360 baby carrier.

Comfort (For Both You & Baby)

One of our favorite things about the Ergo is how comfortable it is. When we compare it with the other carriers we've used, we've found it much more supportive, with plenty of room and capability to adjust to your specific stature and liking (which is appreciated by resident fiddler, Ryan).

Here's what it's got going on:

  • Weight distribution. Ergo’s design gives the 360 Even weight distribution on back and hips and comfortable, padded shoulder straps so you won’t add baby wearing to your chiropractor’s shit list of reasons your bad is messed up since having your babe.
  • Cool material. We chose the 360 Cool Mesh edition. Not all 360s have mesh features, but if you choose one that does, it’s cooler for both you and your baby. This is especially a consideration if you plan on doing some light hikes with it.The Ergo 360 isn't the best for longer hikes (you need a baby hiking backpack for that), but it's perfectly fine for shorter hikes or hikes with smaller babies.
  • Ergonomic for baby’s hips. Cause ain’t nobody want hip dysplasia. But seriously, guys, if Ryan says “ergonomic frog position” one more time imma…
  • Fully adjustable. The straps are all completely adjustable and fit both of us — me at a petite 5’3” and Ryan at a ginormous 6’1”. It even has an adjustable upper back strap which makes it slightly easier to put on.


The Ergo 360 gets it's name from it's 360 design; meaning you can carry your baby on 360 degrees of your body. Great, right?

But seriously, it has 5 carrying positions, including:

  • Front facing back
  • Front facing front
  • Outward facing back
  • Outward facing front
  • Side carry.

If you're wearing baby on your front, you can wear a backpack with it (hello backpack diaper bag!).

  • Lightweight. The 360 is lightweight at about 2.2 pounds, which makes it uber portable and easy to bring on planes. It's just easy to grab and go.
  • Built in sun/wind shade: This is a huge bonus that many of the other carriers don’t have; the sun shade is built right into the carrier and zips away into an easy access pocket at the front of the carrier.
  • It's machine washable. I did mention all the fluids/dirt that ours has been subjected to, right?Real talk: babies spew fluids. DO NOT BUY A BABY CARRIER THAT IS NOT MACHINE WASHABLE. You’ve been warned.
  • Weight rated from newborn to 33 lbs. You can buy a newborn insert for babies as small at 5 lbs (Poppy hung out in this even as a premie) and as big as toddler. It’ll carry you through all the ages you’re actually willing to tote your kid around.


I’m gonna put the style in the pros section, because it’s not ugly (though you’re not fooling anyone – it is a baby carrier and it looks like one), and it comes in at least a million colours.

Okay, I exaggerate, but it does come in 18 different colors and patterns many of which are gender neutral so both dads and moms can wear it.

We have the Carbon Grey because we both needed to be able to wear it without look like nerds.


  • Even weight distribution
  • Ergonomic for baby's hips
  • Machine washable
  • Weight rated from newborn to 33 lbs
  • Comes in 18 different colors and patterns
  • Fully adjustable to fit all frames
  • 5 carrying positions
  • Copy of Comes in 18 different colors and patterns

The Not-So Good Things About the
Ergo 360 Baby Carrier 

Ergobaby 360 review

Nothing's perfect, and the Ergo 360 is no exception.

We've used our Ergo so much that we've been able to suss out the good and the bad.

After several hundred uses, here's our beef with this carrier.


The design is a huge plus side, but it also has just a couple of drawbacks.

  • It can be tricky to get into at first before you get the hand of it, especially when baby’s small and unable to support their head. You have to support baby’s neck with one hand, undo buckles with the other, and somehow wrangle that bad boy on your body. I mean, it’s not impossible but it’s also not like slipping on a pair of well worn flip flops.
  • They say you can breast feed in it, and maybe it’s just me but I feel like that would be real awkward. Could be my frame or Poppy. Let’s just blame it on Poppy.
  • No pockets for your phone. They could have included at least one small pocket, #ammirite? But noooo, apparently it’s all about the baby now.


There’s this weird age (when Poppy was about 10 pounds) where babies tend to be too small for the raw carrier and too big for the insert. It was awkward, but luckily it didn’t last for long.


I feel compelled to put this in here even though I don’t think it’s that bad for what it’s worth because it’s a bit more expensive than some comparable carriers.


  • More expensive than other baby carriers
  • Sizing awkwardness at about 10 lbs
  • No pockets for your phone or keys
  • Can be tricky to get into.

So there you have it: our honest review of the Ergo 360 baby carrier.

Tl;dr: It’s got more pros than cons, is worth the money, and we got no beef with it.

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